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Our Mission


At PagoPayIt, our mission is to revolutionize payment processing for high-risk businesses through our Zero-Risk Advantage™. We are dedicated to providing innovative, secure, and hassle-free solutions that empower our clients to accept credit card payments seamlessly. Our commitment extends beyond transactions; we strive to be the industry leader in reliability, transparency, and support, ensuring that our partners achieve financial success while maintaining trust and integrity.

Our vision at PagoPayIt is to redefine the future of payment processing. We aspire to be the go-to platform for high-risk businesses, offering cutting-edge solutions that break down barriers and simplify payments. We envision a world where businesses can flourish without the constraints of traditional systems. With continuous innovation, unrivaled service, and a focus on integrity, we aim to set new standards in the industry, ultimately becoming the most trusted and innovative name in payment processing.
Why PagoPayIt


Now you can process high-risk transactions with the PagoPayIt Zero-Risk Advantage™
No lengthy pre-approvals
No upfront fees
No holdbacks
  • Creators receive net 80% earnings
  • Create additional revenue streams through our affiliate program
  • Fund settlement via Automated Clearing House (ACH) or electronic transfer in two business days
Advanced benefits
  • 24/7 merchant & technical support
  • User-friendly merchant dashboard to track sales & payments
  • Integrated across any mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop
  • No startup fees
  • No year-end 1099
  • Recurring billing capabilities available
  • Go live in 60 seconds with our one time, JavaScript code insertion
  • Creators without a website can still accept credit cards with our
 pay-by-link™ feature

How PagoPayIt Works

Add PagoPayIt to the checkout page on your website. No website? No problem. Send a payment link instantly to collect a payment from customers anywhere, anytime.
When your customer places an order, their credit card information is processed through our digital-card partner platform and is used to complete their purchase.
Funds are settled into your account within two business days via Automated Clearing House (ACH) or electronic transfer.
payment setup

Download the plugins or API from your merchant dashboard

Pay by link

Use your custom payment link as a way to pay. Let customers pay using a secure payment link that’s hosted by PagoPayIt and customized by you. You send a link, your customer pays, and you get paid.
Pay by link

WordPress Setup

These settings apply in case you are using PagoPayIt WordPress Plugin. For advanced settings, login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
Wordpress Setup


Download the PagoPayIt API documentation to customize how and where your customers can pay for your products and services

JavaScript-based "Buy Now" Button

These settings apply while using the "PagoPayIt Pay Button Script" directly.
JavaScript-based "Buy Now" Button

Seamless Credit Card Processing –
Your Gateway to Increased Revenue

Merchants receive 80% of sales processed from their websites. The remaining 20% covers payment processing, support, referrals, and all other services. There are no other fees associated with having a PagoPayIt Account.


Go live in 60 seconds with our one-time, single-threaded, JavaScript code insertion.

ACH Processing

Two business day fund settlement and remittance via ACH or electronic transfer.
frequently asked questions

Got questions?
We've got answers

1. How does PagoPayIt work?
PagoPayIt offers a transformative payment processing solution for both end-users and merchants. We convert credit card payments into secure digital prepaid PINs, ensuring a streamlined and dependable experience.

We provide the same functionality as traditional credit card processors, with added ease, reliability, and security, especially for payments in classically restricted categories.
2. How long does it take to set up and be approved for a PagoPayIt merchant account?
Setting up your PagoPayIt merchant account is quick, taking approximately 60 seconds. There's no extensive pre-approval process. Once your account is created, you can start using the platform immediately.
3. What kind of content creators and businesses are prohibited from using PagoPayIt?
PagoPayIt offers a more open platform for content creators and high-risk businesses to accept payments, free from the conventional restrictions of other payment processors. However, all content and products must comply with USC 2257 regulations, and they cannot promote racism, violence, or any activities deemed illegal in your jurisdiction.
4. How can PagoPayIt process my payments over other payment processors? What makes it different?
Thanks to our unique agreement with our processor, Stripe, PagoPayIt can process transactions for higher risk businesses that other processors may not accommodate. This provides merchants with more flexibility in accepting credit card payments.

What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency and customer-centric services. We don't charge registration fees, annual fees, or additional processing fees. There's no extensive pre-approval process, and we handle payments without chargebacks. PagoPayIt ensures secure, private transactions and quick access to funds within two business days.
5. Do merchants see the name/identifying information of the customers and vice versa?
No, transactions maintain the security and confidentiality of both the end-user and the merchant.
6. What will the purchase show up as on a customer's credit card statement? 
Payment will appear as GF|PagoPayIt.
7. What devices can PagoPayIt be used on?
PagoPayIt is compatible with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and any mobile device.
8. How do I withdraw my funds?
Funds are processed automatically daily and are sent to the merchant bank account within 2 business days.
9. What information of the merchant is visible to the customer?
None. Customers only see a redirect to the PagoPayIt payment processor during checkout or your customized username if you're using the Pay by Link feature.
10. Does PagoPayIt protect against chargebacks?
Yes, PagoPayIt does not penalize merchants in the event of a chargeback. However, we retain the right to cancel a merchant account in case of a high chargeback rate.
11. Does PagoPayIt issue refunds?
Merchants can manually issue refunds through their personal dashboard.
12. What fees does PagoPayIt charge?
The only fee associated with PagoPayIt is the 20% service fee for each transaction. There are no sign-up fees, annual fees, holdbacks, or additional processing fees.
13. Is PagoPayIt safe to use?
PagoPayIt prioritizes merchant and customer safety, with encryption to industry standards ensuring data remains secure and confidential. We comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations.
14. How long does it take to receive funds in my bank account?
Funds are processed within 2 business days and paid out into the merchant bank account daily.
15. Do I need a website to use PagoPayIt?
No, merchants are not required to have a website. You can use the Pay by Link feature to collect funds without one.
16. In which countries does PagoPayIt work?
PagoPayIt is operational in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. If the platform is not supported in your country, please contact us at, as we continuously expand to support various currencies.
17. How do I change my bank account/payout details?
Merchants can modify bank account/payout details within the dashboard by going to “Update Payout Details”.
18. Does PagoPayIt issue a 1099 or any other tax documents?
No. It is the merchant's responsibility to track income through PagoPayIt, with the merchant dashboard simplifying income calculation for tax purposes.
19. Does PagoPayIt integrate with OnlyFans, Chaturbate, or other platforms?
Not directly. Creators can open a PagoPayIt Merchant Account and integrate it into their personal website or use our Pay by Link feature for separate funds if they don't have a website.
20. Does PagoPayIt have an affiliate or referral program, and if so, how do I sign up?
Yes, we do have an affiliate program which is customized for each affiliate. Email us to discuss a personalized solution.
21. How do I deactivate my PagoPayIt account if I want to?
Deactivating a PagoPayIt account is a straightforward process. We provide a simple account deactivation option located at the very bottom of your merchant dashboard should you choose to no longer use our services. Your account is yours to manage as you see fit.